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In review

Burrows, N. L. and Mooring, S.R. “A Chemistry Laboratory Curriculum designed through a Scaffolding Approach” (in review)

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In review

Burrows, N. L.; Nowak, M.N.; and Mooring, S.R. “Students’ experiences in a project-based organic chemistry laboratory environment: A phenomenographic approach.” (in review)

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Journal of chemical education

Mooring, S. R., Mitchell, C. E., & Burrows, N. L. (2016). Evaluation of a Flipped, Large-Enrollment Organic Chemistry Course on Student Attitude and Achievement. Journal of Chemical Education93(12), 1972-1983.

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Chemistry Education Research and Practice

Burrows, N. L., & Mooring, S. R. (2015). Using concept mapping to uncover students' knowledge structures of chemical bonding concepts. Chemistry Education Research and Practice16(1), 53-66.

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